Is this really the man to take Man United forward?

Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has spoken out in support of his right hand man Ryan Giggs recently. He has claimed that Giggs should be the man to succeed him when he decides to stand down at Old Trafford, which will be his final managerial role.

But is Louis Van Gaal right to make this judgement? Is Giggs really up to the job?

Ryan Giggs and his involvement in the club is astonishing. He is one of the truly magnificent one club players, and his achievements speak for themselves – as a player. On the managerial side of things remember he has only managed four games himself. Last season he spent it as a player, not in the assistant managerial role he finds himself in now.

When Louis Van Gaal does decide to call time on his post at United, one thing the Red Devisl faithful will be looking for is experience, and particularly across the board.

David Moyes had plenty of experience in the Premier League but next to none in Europe; this raised issues for fans. Louis Van Gaal has experience in La Liga, the Bundesliga, the Champions League… the list goes on. United will need someone of that calibre to replace someone so great.

Can this be Ryan Giggs? Fans love him, and would love for him to succeed, but they also need to be realistic. Surely the best option for Ryan Giggs would be to get some more experience under his belt, and potentially in his own right.

Look at Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid. He was an outstanding player, and has plenty to show for it. But is he going to be replacing Carlo Ancelotti? Not any time soon. He is coaching Real Madrid Castilla, which is their ‘reserve’ team.

Should Ryan Giggs attempt to do something similar and coach the U21s? We all know a fair few of the first team will end up playing with them anyway, in order to integrate them back into playing following injury.

In an ideal world, the former Premier League champions would end up replacing Louis Van Gaal with Pep Guardiola. He is the best manager in the world right now, and would have a winning vision to get the club back at the top of the Premier League pretty quickly.

He averages 20 games per title, the best out of any manager at present. Giggs’ time will come; but to attempt to succeed Van Gaal could be asking for trouble.