LVG has to go… A Man United rant, from a Man United fan

Well, the title says it all. This is a rant about Manchester United, by a Manchester United fan. I am a genuine fan, but what I have to say needs to be said.

The Bournemouth vs. United has tipped me over the edge in terms of the frustration I am feeling whilst watching my team play. We’re boring, with a lack of desire, a lack of enthusiasm and a lack of confidence. it’s just not good enough.

Before the game I found it pretty easy to blame the manager for this, but now I have come to my senses and am fully aware that Louis van Gaal is not cut out for the United job.

Against the Cherries he made a tactical error. He brought off United’s most creative player and also most involved player for Nick Powell. Yes, Nick Powell was on the field. I wouldn’t have noticed he was playing if I hadn’t have been so bothered by the fact Marouane Fellaini had been taken off the pitch.

I would like to remind LVG that substitutions are supposed to improve the team’s performance… and this one didn’t. We played a lot worse instead. When managers make clear tactical errors like this, I find it hard to keep supporting them.

Injuries are beginning to become a problem. I understand that and that is why these youngsters are being thrown in at the deep end, but that does not explain why we are so poor in the final third of the pitch in most matches.

Talking about the final third. I believe most of the issue is actually coming from the midfield. Carrick is an exception to this because he passes the ball forwards into the attacking players and this was clearly shown in the Bournemouth game where he picked out Memphis Depay perfectly and created the goal. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin pass the ball sideways with no purpose. This then cancels out players like Wayne Rooney and Memphis, who don’t really get much of the ball and then people have the audacity to say that they are out of form.

It’s also important to point out the way Van Gaal deals with players. I feel he ruins them. In Van Gaal’s reign we have seen top talents like Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao come to the club and play awfully. When a player doesn’t play well, his way of solving it is putting them on the bench to become frustrated, rot and then leave. This has become a thing with Memphis now, too, and I question whether he would even be playing if Rooney was fit, which worries me because he is too good of a player to let go.

P.S. Javier Hernandez has scored 15 goals in 12 games for Bayer Leverkusen. Just thought I’d mention that.