Man United cannot afford to lose this man in the upheaval

It’s the news we had all anticipated, but it seems that Louis van Gaal has finally been shown the exit door by the chiefs at Old Trafford.

Saturday’s FA Cup triumph over Crystal Palace obviously did little in settling the board’s choppy feelings towards the Dutchman and with the former Barcelona man finally on the brink (or having fallen over it, depending on what reports you believe), it seems that there will be change in Manchester very soon.

But one man that has shied away from the limelight in this most chaotic of seasons is Ryan Giggs, whose own future looks uncertain. The former Welsh wing-wizard is the only man left at the club from the Old ‘Class of 92’, and his presence at Old Trafford has never been more important than now.

Whether you like it or not, everything ManUnited stand for in modern times was built from the foundations laid by Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary Scot knew everything about the club and the players knew what was expected. In more recent years, it seems that both David Moyes and LVG were missing something that Fergie just had. And with Giggs the only man left in the United coaching department that worked with him, it’s vital that he remains part of the set-up.

The Fergie philosophy just worked, and whomever you support around the world, you have to agree. ‘Fergie’ built a team that delivered year-after-year and the years they didn’t, it was because they were pipped at the post. There was that certain level of quality needed, and also fierce demands in terms of professionalism. Whether you were the reserve team, captain or first-team bench-warmer, you knew where you stood and how to behave, and if you did play up ‘Fergie ‘would come down on you like a ton of bricks – ask David Beckham.

Giggs understands this from a playing point of view, but now also from a managing point of view, too. That’s why his importance in this new United set-up will be oh so crucial. Whether United appoint Jose Mourinho or not is yet to be seen, but Giggs is the man that understands how to make things work at Old Trafford.

And if United do appoint Mourinho, will he work with Giggs? Perhaps not, but surely there is another high-end role available for such a United through-and-through man. And that’s not to say that’s the only reason he should be there. He’s proved to be a successful assistant manager during Van Gaal’s United career, and he deserves a shot to prove himself again.

But with the world calling for Mourinho’s name to be the one at the top of the Old Trafford boardroom, you do doubt whether we’ll see ‘Giggsy’ in the dugout at Manchester United next season.

Their loss will be someone else’s gain, however, whether he moves on completely or drops down to academy level. You learn from the best after all.