Man United fans furious as legend tips Liverpool as favourites

Former footballers have a habit of winding people up with their comments in the media and Paul Scholes has fallen into that category, with supporters of his former side hoping their club legend will be forced to eat his words later on.

Ahead of the Red Devils’ trip to Anfield to face Liverpool this evening, Scholes has criticised his former employers and stated that Jose Mourinho’s side lack identity, tipping United’s great rivals to inflict a defeat upon the Portuguese’s side this season.

Speaking to BBC SportScholes questioned Mourinho’s selection policy since taking charge at Old Trafford and pointed to the fact he’s using more players that he did at his prime with Chelsea – but the comment that irritated United fans the most consists of ten simple words.

“If you were betting, you would be betting on Liverpool.”

Unsurprisingly, Manchester United fans are furious that a beloved member of their illustrious history is tipping their greatest rivals for a victory this evening.