Man United fans mock City for the turnout at their title bus parade

Manchester City have smashed a number of records in this Premier League season and the one that – judging by the celebrations at St Mary’s on Sunday, anyway – seems to mean the most is the 100-point total they have accrued.

However, the one that may rankle with the fans of their bitter rivals Manchester United is that they have set the biggest gap between first and second in the 25-year history – breaking United’s own record in 1999/2000 – which underlines how poor the competition from the red half as Manchester has been.

That is sure to annoy the half of the city that has only a distant second and the prospect of winning the FA Cup to console themselves with.

That may explain why United supporters have taken to laughing at City’s title parade – something they would no doubt love to be enjoying – for a perceived lack of turnout by comparison to their most recent in 2013…