Man United fans react on Twitter to Paul Pogba’s goal v. Leicester

What does £89million get you? An inconsistent midfielder only capable of playing in a team without Wayne Rooney is what it gets you.

I jest.

Paul Pogba has finally arrived for Manchester United and it came at the expense of Wayne Rooney and Leicester City.

All the talk before Manchester United’s Premier League clash with champions Leicester City was about Wayne Rooney being dropped to the bench, and the question being asked was whether Paul Pogba could finally flourish without the 30-year-old alongside him.

And those questions were duly answered at the end of the first half as Pogba headed in from just five yards to register his first United goal and the Red Devils’ fourth of the afternoon.

And it was well and truly deserved. Pogba’s first half was impressive and you could clearly tell he was able to express himself with Ander Herrera pulling the strings next to him.

Man United were devastating in the opening 45 minutes, and fans on Twitter just couldn’t get enough of that man Pogba…