Man United legend ripped to shreds on Twitter by old foe

Roy Keane’s a scary guy. He has a reputation of being one of football’s hardest men, and he doesn’t take rubbish from anyone.

And we’ve been able to get more of an insight into what goes on inside his head and the reasons behind some of the biggest moments of his career in his new autobiography.

His most controversial moment is perhaps the time he ended Alf-Inge Haaland’s career with a nasty tackle during a Manchester derby at Old Trafford, which was revenge for the way Haaland accused Keane of faking injury when the Irishman tore ligaments in a game v. Leeds in 1997.

Keane wrote in his book: “There was no premeditation. I’d played against Haaland three or four times between the game against Leeds, in 1997, when I injured my cruciate and the game when I tackled him, in 2001, when he was playing for Manchester City. If I’d been this madman out for revenge, why would I have waited years for an opportunity to injure him?

“Was I going around for years thinking: ’I’m going to get him, I’m going to get him.’? No. Was he at the back of my mind? Of course he was. Like Rob Lee was, like David Batty was, like Alan Shearer was, like Patrick Vieira was. All these players were in the back of my mind: ’If I get a chance I’m going to fucking hit you, of course I am.’

“Haaland finished the game and played four days later, for Norway. A couple of years later he tried to claim that he’d had to retire because of the tackle. He was going to sue me. It was a bad tackle but he was still able to play four days later.”

Haaland had his right to reply and, in brilliant fashion, tweeted the following, which he later deleted…


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