Man United’s worst employee strikes again…

We’ve all seen fans misspelling the names of their heroes when getting them printed on the back of their brand new club shirt.

But it’s quite rare to the professionals failing to spell the names of the players at their own club. That’s unless, of course, you’re Manchester United.

United are famed for misspelling the names of their own players on the backs of shirts for some time now, with the examples clear for all to see below.

But now they’ve transferred such incompetency to their very own online store, where even fans ordering shirts with new signing on the back are seeing fails all over.

This fan couldn’t wait to get Falcao on the back of his brand new Man United shirt. It would’ve cost him around £75 to have it printed and sent to him. Trouble is, he’s now stuck with an unknown player called Flacao on the back of his shirt.

Maybe he’s Man United’s next best youth prospect or something?

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