Man Utd take sensational step to secure privacy

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is to build a number of fences around the perimeters of the club’s Carrington training ground in an effort to keep away spies, according to the Independent.

The Dutchman has ordered the construction of a green canvas perimeter fence around the club’s £60m Aeon Training Complex.

He has shaken things up at the training ground, having ordered the instillation of floodlights, the planting of trees to defect wind and the implementing of training pitches identical to that of the one at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils are previously reported to be extremely security conscious, taking to scouring the club’s team hotel in search of listening devices.

During David Moyes’ infamous tenure in charge of the club, a bugging device had been found in the team meeting room at the Lowry hotel, used as a base before most fixtures.

Now, van Gaal is said to extend the security to Carrington, amid criticism of the tactics deployed in last weekend’s 3-0 loss to Arsenal.

Compatriot, and known rival, Johan Cruyff stated ‘he doesn’t dominate, I like dominating football. Manchester doesn’t play like that.’