Manchester United boss can’t find what he’s looking for

manchesterunitedbossreceivesnohelpinghand The launch of Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography has caused quite a stir in the world of football.

It’s the book it seems everyone in football is talking about, and plenty can’t wait to get their hands on a copy. The same can be said for current Manchester United boss David Moyes, who in his special role was able to get a copy of the book before the release.

But judging by United’s start to the season, Moyes has not got what he wanted out of the read. The former Everton boss was hoping the pages would be laden with some answers from the great man, as well as some tips as to how he could replicate a similar sort of success now he is in the Old Trafford hot seat.

But unless there is a chapter on how to lose to Liverpool, Manchester City and West Brom in a matter of weeks (and believe me – there isn’t) then it’s about time Moyes accepted he’s on his own. At least he can have a laugh like the rest of us at Fergie’s digs at Roy Keane, Rafael Benitez, David Beckham and co!