Manchester United fan pays £71 for worst view in history

What sort of value will you get after spending £71 on a football game? The answer is not very much.

Especially when you spend a fortune to travel to Denmark for a Europa League game, just to watch your team beaten by European minnows who have jacked up the price for your arrival. Midtjylland saw Manchester United coming in every sense of the phrase. If you’re a fan, it doesn’t get any worse than that, right?

Well, wrong, actually. One United fan thought he had been well and truly fleeced by the ticket price, but when he got to his seat he found out that things were even worse than that:

As if inflating the price for the visit of Manchester United wasn’t bad enough, seating your guests in a seat where they are watching the game from behind bars really does take the biscuit.

On the bright side, perhaps most United fans would have paid £71 not to have seen their team humbled by Scandinavian minnows.

Everton fans, I’m sure will sympathise with his awful restricted view: season tickets at Goodison come with a subscription to private neck care, right?