Manchester United fans react to William Gallas’ support for Mourinho dropping Pogba

Jose Mourinho dropped Paul Pogba for Saturday night’s FA Cup win over Huddersfield and Wednesday’s night 0-0 draw with Sevilla, after a couple of poor performances in recent Premier League games against Tottenham and Newcastle United, but ex-Chelsea legend William Gallas has said that the decision is simply the Portuguese manager’s way of ‘stinging’ the Frenchman into action.

Gallas, who played under Mourinho himself during the manager’s first stint at the Blues, said: “This is why he has had a go at Paul because he knows Paul can do a lot better. He has been stung and he reacted.

“He had the habit of stinging players into action (at Chelsea).

“Paul was on the bench but when he came on, each time he had the ball, you had the feeling he wanted to do well, he didn’t lose the ball once and you feel he was concentrating more on his football than other things.”

With just a handful of games remaining in this Premier League season, Pogba will need to be stung into action quickly, with the prospect of him being shipped back to Juventus looking ominous at the moment.

United fans, though, are hopeful that Mourinho’s man-management tactics will reap rewards with the so far disappointing £89m star – as evidenced by this selection of responses on Twitter…