Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford reacts to Paul Pogba relationship

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We don’t want to speak to soon, but things could be looking up for Manchester United.

Sunday’s opener versus Frank Lampard’s Chelsea side made for some truly refreshing entertainment. Every single player in the United squad came together in one harmonious united like a hive of bees, each commanding a vital function to which they performed with equal effectiveness. Lest we forget the state of the squad at the back end of last season (two wins in 12 in case you’d somehow managed force it to the back of your mind).

Wave after wave of Chelsea attacks were responded to with Ferguson-era-esque counter attacking football; the harder Lampard’s side struggled, the tighter the noose squeezed.

While we admit each and every goal had its own unique talking point, it was the host’s third, which saw the Paul Pogba-Marcus Rashford relationship in full force, which really perked our interest. And Rashford’s, it would seem…

Let’s hope for United’s sake that they’re able to keep this pair firing as they look to rebuild because it’s going to take something truly special to knock noisy neighbours Manchester City off their perch.

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