Manchester United legend mocked by team mates

What a legend Paul Scholes is. One of the best midfielders of the Premier League era without a shadow of a doubt – he is constantly referred to as a legend by fellow professionals who have played alongside the pint-size ginger.

Something unique about Scholes is that throughout his career until the present day he has always shied away from the camera and is known to be embarrassed when interviewed. This was highlighted after Manchester United’s last title success under Alex Ferguson where Rio Ferdinand had to bully the playmaker into speaking to the delighted large group of fans. This was as a 38-year-old.

So imagine Scholes’ horror at having to conduct media obligations as a youngster! Well this is what this video shows. Laughter can be heard in the background from Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs et al as Scholes goes from stutter to stutter in answering the various questions. Poor sod.

Judging by this video Scholesy deserves a bit of credit for improving his interview skills as his career progressed but nevertheless we can all be pretty sure that when this video is dusted off from the archives it provides him with both comedy and embarrassment. Still a legend mind you.

Check out the video below…

[youtube vSSWOwbQI4Q]