Manchester United legend Paul Scholes praises prodigy Mason Greenwood

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If you didn’t already know, Mason Greenwood is looking to be a very, very good prospect.

The Jimmy Murphy Player of the Year might only be 17-years-old, which is surprising in of itself given how well he seems to have taken to the melee of first-term football, but he’s already making waves at Manchester United.

Bear in mind, this is a player who has been known to score from set-pieces with both feet. The sheer arrogance and ability it takes to even attempt that is mouth-wateringly exciting.

Exciting times lie ahead, as well. Greenwood is set to be unleashed by boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer during Thursday night’s clash against FC Astana, with the 1999 treble maestro claiming that the youngster is already one of the finest finishers he’s ever seen.

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Another man who might know a little something about spotting youth greatness, having been one of the golden boys himself once upon a time, is the Class of ’92’s very own Paul Scholes.

Clad in golf gear, he recently praised United’s next big thing…

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