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Man United may need Jose, but the Premier League doesn’t…

Having popped up at the Boxing at the weekend, appearing ringside and backstage at the Anthony Joshua fight, out of work manager Jose Mourinho is determined to keep his image in the public eye. Never one to shy away from the limelight, the Portuguese boss has made sure his name and face have remained in Premier League consciousness since his departure from Stamford Bridge in December.

Recently reported to have signed a pre-contract with Manchester United, 53 year-old Mourinho has made no secret of his desire to take over the reigns at Old Trafford and the dissenting voices coming from the fans regarding Louis van Gaal’s management of the club will only help his cause to take over at the Theatre of Dreams in the summer.

Whether or not he ends up in the Manchester United dug-out remains to be seen but one things for sure, he seems certain to stay in England. “I would prefer (to stay England). I love the country, the football here, my family is very stable and happy.” he told Sky Sports News at the Joshua fight.

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But the big question here is ‘does the country want him back?’

He may love this country and it’s football but it’s moved on, the landscape changed forever by this remarkable season and the Premier League is all the better for it.

The ‘changing of the guard’ in Premier League terms will only continue to evolve as the new TV deal gives so-called ‘lesser teams’ the financial clout to match the big boys, the traditional hierarchy that has existed in the top-flight for so long now finally showing signs of being broken.

What we don’t need is an all powerful Manchester United once again, something that Mourinho would almost certainly help to assert. And then there’s his combative and divisive personality to deal with. Do we really want that in our game again? If only there was some way to tell him…

Dear Jose,

I hear you’re hoping to return to management  in England soon, possibly with Manchester United. Whilst your talents and achievements as a manager are unquestionable, on behalf of football fans from up and down the Premier League I wanted to ask you to reconsider your desire to stay in English football and join Manchester United.

Things have changed you see. No longer are the big sides guaranteed success, no more is it a predictable league featuring title challenges from a select group of  powerful, established clubs. Should you get the job at Old Trafford, I fear we may see a return to the old days of an omnipotent United, everyone else playing catch-up to what is undoubtedly the biggest club in the country.

I mean this in the nicest possible way of course. Such is your tactical precision, meticulous planning and ‘win at all costs’ mentality that should you be instated to the job at Old Trafford you will only run away with the league and deny us the kind of season we have enjoyed this and will hope to enjoy for many more years.

You see, your way of working will no longer be appropriate to the Premier League. Managers are now happy-go-lucky types, reliant on their attacking tactical approach, reflective and jovial personalities and high-energy performances of their players. Your petulant, divisive and combative personality would no longer fit  in our country’s top league much as it failed to do in your final season at Chelsea.

Blues fans will always hold a place in their heart for you, your achievements at the club unprecedented, but they will be moving on much like the rest of the league. I hope you will read this letter in the spirit it was intended – I do not wish to belittle your undoubted achievements and standing as a manager, but for the sake of the Premier League it would be most appreciated if you could find a job in another country where you would of  course be a huge success.


A football fan

Article title: Man United may need Jose, but the Premier League doesn’t…

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