Manchester United’s Christmas cracker!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. You and 45 family members squeezed into a dining room with barely the elbow room to scratch your nose, never mind pull a Christmas cracker.

Thank goodness then that our digital version has everything you need in it, sparing you from elbowing your great auntie Elma in the face, spilling the gravy boat over your toddler cousin and ruining Christmas for everyone, all in the name of getting a sharpener and a joke you’ve heard a thousand times out of what is essentially a cardboard cylinder with crumpled edges.

A devilish teaser to annoy your Dad with (tip: never give him the answer), a mind blowing goal to try and impress your nephew with (even though he’s seen it 25 times before playing FIFA) and a stat that in all honesty would make Santa himself tip his sled in amazement – our digital Christmas cracker has a bit of everything.

So let’s get to it shall we? Have a pull on our Manchester United Christmas Cracker!