Manchester United’s fans in shock at Young inclusion

The line-ups for tonight’s clash at Anfield have been announced, and much to the surprise of Manchester United – and indeed Liverpool and mutual fans alike – Ashley Young has been given the nod to start in what is a vital fixture for both sides.

Young has fallen out of favour in recent years at Old Trafford, having failed to replicate the form he showed at both Watford and Aston Villa that earned him a move to Manchester back in 2011.

As the years have gone on, the Englishman’s playing time has dwindled, and hence has so his effectiveness and indeed favour with the United faithful.

The start is the first of the season for Young, and comes as a huge surprise to the Red Devil’s fan especially considering the magnitude of the game and the need for a United win.

As per normal, Twitter has reacted to the news of a start for the lacklustre midfielder, and some of the results are quite hilarious ….

Mourinho probably is pretty sure, to be fair. He’s not one who shows much uncertainty in anything. Reckon Jose is the sort of bloke who knows what ale he’s having before he even sees what they’ve got.

As you can see, Ashley Young is not a popular chap.