Neville wants Arsenal to win title, on one condition

Gary Neville is Manchester United through-and-through, with the former right-back experiencing his fair share of battles with Arsenal, who were the Red Devils fiercest competitors during the early years of the 2000’s.

Both clubs have fallen since though, with Arsenal not winning the Premier League since 2004 and United experiencing a wealth of issues since Sir Alex Ferguson brought an end to his illustrious career for his retirement.

Despite the rivalry that is present between the two giants of English football, Neville has admitted he wants Arsenal to win the Premier League title- as long as Manchester United can’t. Speaking to Sky Sports, he said:

“If there was another club – and I’m a Manchester United fan – if there was another club to win the league other than our own, you would you’d want Arsenal to do and do it. But, every single season, their mentality at this point of the season or around these times [is poor]. It’s not a new story and you just hope they can get over that line.”

Many Manchester United fans may not agree with his beliefs though, although seeing an oil rich Manchester City or Chelsea wouldn’t be too pretty to bare- and you dare not think about how they’d feel if Liverpool won.