Pogba reveals summer transfer destination, crushing news for Man United

Another day has passed, and Paul Pogba has given yet another mixed signal toward his future.

The Frenchman is seemingly deciding between remaining with Juventus or joining Manchester United. It’s been that way for more than a month.

Pogba has enjoyed a sumptuous offseason trip to the U.S, while simultaneously infuriating fans everywhere by drawing out his decision.

However, two Juventus football fans may have inched closer toward the final verdict.

Pogba recently touched down in New York after stops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A pair of Italian football fans approached the star midfielder after he exited a vehicle, and he may have indicated where he will play next season.

Check out the video below.

Clearly, Pogba didn’t give the lads much of a concrete answer. Answering “yes” to pestering questions about whether he would return to Juventus could have been Pogba’s way of shortening the conversation.

Regardless, this provides another conflicting hint as several reports have indicated United has inched closer to a deal with the French star. It’s unlikely he would divulge such coveted information to a couple random bystanders.

Considering how unpredictable the Pogba saga has been, you never know.