Revealed: 62% of Man United fans would rather sign Maguire than Romagnoli

With the amount of access the modern football fan has to players across the globe, the World Cup is no longer supposed to provide revelations, breakout stars who announce themselves on the biggest stage of all.

Yet, that is exactly what Harry Maguire has done, transforming himself from functional Premier League centre-half into national icon and a defender of genuine poise and quality over the course of five England games.

He is unlikely to be the most fashionable name banded around in the transfer market, as elite sides such as Manchester United pursue the likes of Alessio Romagnoli, who has been linked with an Old Trafford switch worth £44m in recent weeks.


So, that’s why we put the comparison to the club’s fans; would they rather World Cup hero Maguire or AC Milan defender Romagnoli to bolster their defence next season?

The response was fairly convincing with 62 per cent of those who responded preferring to sign Maguire, as you can see from the results below…