Rio Ferdinand wants to take award ceremony into his own hands

Manchester United Defender Rio FerdinandWe’ve heard of the Oscars, we’ve heard of the Grammys but now Rio Ferdinand wants to add his own football equivalent of these into the mix- the Footies.

Ferdinand is known for his media savvy ways- having an intensely popular Twitter account, having his own restaurant as well as his own brand of clothing. The switched on South Londoner felt there was a gap in the market for this idea even we have the PFA Awards, the Ballon D’Or, the LMA awards, the Club Football Awards to name but a few.

According to the press release the Footies will ‘bring together football and music at a star studded event’. Now ask yourself this, do footballers need to adopt celebrity culture anymore than they already have done? Many of them already think they are movie stars but it looks like Ferdinand wants to turn them into bigger prima-donnas than they already are!