Should Gareth Bale join Manchester United?

Gareth Bale has endured a difficult season at Real Madrid. Boos, white hankies and a mauling by the Spanish press are not what the Welshman would have expected after helping Madrid to win their 10th Champions League trophy last year not to mentioning keeping them in contention this season to challenge for domestic glory.

But it hasn’t been enough.

Bale was hugely successful in his maiden season with the club and now that he is having a dip in form supporters are turning their back on him. He is not alone in receiving harsh criticism as both Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema have suffered the same fate.

Things have gotten so bad that reports have surfaced that he’ll be making a sensational move to Manchester United this summer in what is expected to cost the club around £75m.

After spending £6m for Radamel Falcao to warm the bench for a season it is obvious that the English giants have enough cash to make it happen. But should he go?

Well United have added many new faces to their squad this season with some working out better than others though they are currently achieving their top four goal so perhaps they don’t need any big adjustments. The introduction of Bale would certainly be a big change as a talent like his would lead the manager to forget about the gains made this season and it’d all be about working around the Welshman. Also fans would expect the 25 year old to start every match whether the manager wanted him to or not.

Anyway United already have many attacking options. What they really need is a strike partner for Wayne Rooney to replace aging Robin van Persie. Falcao will not have his contract taken up so a prolific goal scorer must be top of Louis van Gaal’s summer wish list.

I’m sure Bale would flourish at Manchester United. Both are big clubs but United have much more loyal fans and realistic expectations.

But to quit Real Madrid in this manner after just two seasons would make his move seem a failure. All the good he did in his first season would be forgotten and he would be remembered as the player who came back to England with his tail between his legs.

If Bale wants to stay then he shouldn’t let the spoilt Madrid fans push him out. He is still starting games and as soon as his form picks up then the Bernabeu faithful will go back to adoring him. They are a very fickle bunch and he can win them back around.

Alternatively he could always push for a return to Tottenham where he can live out the rest of his years safe in the knowledge that everyone values and respects him whether he scores every game or not. Though fighting for his place amongst some of the worlds best on the biggest of stages is too good an opportunity to give up. Bale is class and next season he’ll remind Real Madrid exactly why they fought so hard and spent so much to pry him from the comfort of the Premier League.