Silly season… The two amazing rumoured XIs Man United could have

Manchester United are big news. As one of English football’s most supported club sides across the planet, any developments regarding the Red Devils are picked up and talked about from the streets of Salford to bars in the centre of Tokyo. Whatever Louis van Gaal’s side do, whomever they are linked with, it’s always out there.

This summer, although the transfer window hasn’t officially kicked off, has been no different, with United aligned with top class players on an almost hourly basis. The big names floating around today are Sergio Ramos and Bastian Schweinsteiger, but these two world-class talents are by no means the only ones. And to put into perspective the number of links that have been talked about, @BusbyMUFC put together two separate XIs of players to have grabbed headlines in relation to LVG’s side:

Amazing! Especially when you consider that the already signed Memphis Depay, Harry Kane or Nico Gaitan are not even included!