Sky News confirm what we knew about Wayne Rooney all along

Wayne Rooney chefs hatWayne Rooney has been the subject of intense transfer speculation over the summer. The Manchester United star is a wanted man having been subject to numerous bids from Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea during pre-season.

Rooney’s profile is constantly in the spotlight, with his name often popping up when you least expect it to. On the pitch, wherever Rooney goes he is subject to intense abuse from opposition fans who thrive on giving him a dose of expletives. Favourites include constant references to Shrek and Rooney’s plump figure, not to forget the helpful, weekly reminders to Rooney about antics in his private life during his younger days.

Rooney clearly isn’t blessed with the looks to replicate his skills on the football pitch and this extract from Sky News certainly proves it. Presenter Kay Burley looks so serious while describing the news story before Mr Rooney pops up on the screen – you may not like Wayne Sky, but surely think of a better insult than comparing him to the world’s first burger created in a test tube!

Check out the footage below…

[youtube Vx62cEIbMAg]