This man has to move on from his Man United nightmare

Just over a year to the day since David Moyes was unsurprisingly sacked by Manchester United, and the ‘Moyesiah’ is still finding any reason possible to talk about his brief managerial stint at Old Trafford.

More recently, he spoke out about how he is enjoying his time at Real Sociedad in contrast to his time at Old Trafford. Yet 12 months after he lost his job, why are the media still focused on his failure in Manchester?

The challenge was simply too big for David Moyes. He did not have experience in the Champions League (although credit where it’s due, he did well in that department), and he had not won the Premier League himself. He turned Old Trafford from a fortress to a ground where any side thought they could pick up three points.

It was not to be, so it ended. He is now in a new job that he is much more suited to. The main thing for Moyes to do at Real Sociedad was to keep them up, and he is doing well in this new managerial role in Spain.

Following in the footsteps of England’s most successful manager was a tough job, but it is time we all moved on. If we keep reverting back to David Moyes’ time as United manager, then the media is focussing on all the wrong things. It focuses on the failure. The Failure of the team, and more importantly, the man in charge.

The Red Devils have moved on, as has Moyes. With his ‘anniversary’ now passed, let that be it. Do the media look back to the anniversary of the sacking of Mancini, or Sherwood, or Villas Boas? No.

Their jobs may not have been high profile, but what is done is done.

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