This Man United star’s heroic act deserves maximum respect

Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao hasn’t enjoyed the best of starts to his Old Trafford career.

But that pales into insignificance when you hear that he recently helped save the life of a young fan.

According to the Metro, Falcao was approached three months ago by the mother of John Uyaban, who was in desperate need of a heart donor with a rare blood type.

The 17-year-old’s mother asked Falcao to help her son, who had been given just months to live.

And amazingly the Colombian striker managed to track down a suitable heart for John.

Helena Fernandez said of her quest to find her son a heart: “Falcao said immediately he’d set to the task of finding a heart.

“We don’t know how he did it, or who brought the heart, but he did it. We thank God that everything went well.”

Everything did go well. John had his operation earlier this week and he’s due to be discharged from hospital within 20 days.

The term ‘hero’ is banded around all too often in football, but It’s far to say that Radamel Falcao truly is a hero. Well done that man.