Three reasons Liverpool vs Man United was always going to end 0-0

Ha! Fooled you!

Admit it; you thought ‘Red Monday’ would be the greatest night in the history of the Premier League, a changing of the philosophical guard at the English top flight’s summit, an orgasmic goal fest that would leave Gary Neville making animalistic grunts into Martin Tyler’s ear, a 90 minutes so outrageous it would make South Park look like an episode of Playdays, a footballing classic that would be whispered to children around campfires in the decades to come, exaggeration expanding with every generation.

Inevitably, the game ended nil-nil, with Liverpool and Manchester United failing to muster up a clear chance between them and spending the majority of the match jostling rather aimlessly in midfield. Even the usually explosive Jurgen Klopp was decisively unexcited, watering down his habitual touchline antics and keeping his bum firmly in the dugout for practically the entire evening.

You were probably convinced last night’s game would pan out considerably differently by the pre-match buildup – namely Sky Sports screaming RED MONDAY at you every time you turn on your TV.

But the power of hindsight is a wonderful thing and looking back, the Anfield contest was always going to be a drab scoreless draw. Here are THREE reasons why…