VIDEO: Manchester United old boy has a new rival

Left Midfield - Ryan GiggsOnce a footballer hits the age of about 33 retirement plans start getting dug out, they start thinking about whether to go down the manager, coaching or commentary route and younger team members start calling them Granddad. They’re not quite ready to hang up their boots yet, but the glory days are usually over and they’re being out-run by players nearly half their age. The phrase ‘young at heart’ surely has no place on the pitch of Premier League matches, but there are a few that defy this rule and just cannot seem to be able to leave the limelight.

Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs is aged 39. He has been at the club for 23 years, which is probably more years than the age of most of his teammates. There are some who would say his time was up years ago, or at least if he is still insisting on playing surely it should be for a less high-profile club (like Newcastle). Unlike most, he’s making the transition slowly, having just been appointed player/coach by David Moyes and getting every last bit out of his time at Old Trafford. He’s not alone though. Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Brad Friedel is over forty – someone should be handing him a walking stick to keep him up, surely?

Then there is this guy. He makes it clear that as long as you’ve got the passion, the skills (energy and fitness) and a love of football then there is nothing stopping you playing into your late thirties. Not only should we salute him but I think it’s fair to say that Moyes needs some fresh blood on the team – so move over Giggs there’s a new Granddad on the scene…

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