Watch: “United are not as far off Europe’s elite as we all think.”

Playmaker FC’s Ed Tarlton has some good news for Manchester United fans. He is convinced that the likes of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku are more than good enough to make United into an effective force in Europe… just not yet.

Speaking as part of Playmaker FC ‘Reactions’ series, Tarlton believes United’s big hitters’ abilities are being undermined by a poor backline and that if Jose Mourinho can plug the gaps at the back, United may find themselves back at Europe’s top table sooner than we think.

The question remains whether Mourinho is the right man to do that and whether his side’s defensive frailties can be allayed through coaching or spending. Either way, this is probably not the week fans will have wanted to see Ronaldo back in town with high-flying Juventus.

Tarlton’s Playmaker FC teammate, John Walters was unimpressed by the amount of chances United presented to Chelsea at the weekend and wouldn’t be surprised to see the former United man silence his compatriot and the legions of fans he once called his own.