Wayne Rooney’s top FIVE stupidest moments

Will Wayne Rooney ever learn? The Manchester United captain (that’s right, captain) was once again on the end of a red card over the weekend for a petulant kick at West Ham’s Stewart Downing, which almost proved to be an act that threw away three points.

Through his career, the England man has always been a ‘hothead’, with moments of anger, frustration and just pure stupidity having gained him headlines for the wrong reasons. With the memory of another dismissal fresh in our minds, we’ve taken a trip down through the years to recall some more incidents of Rooney madness.




It could be worse Nando, you could be one of these guys…

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Portugal stamp – 2006

Frustration got the better of Rooney during the 2006 World Cup Quarter-Finals. The then young striker was up top all alone with Portugal’s Ricardo Carvalho giving him a few lessons in the dark arts of defending. Wayne certainly bit in the end, as he stamped back on the centre-half’s privates before seeing the red card. The Three Lions went on to lose the penalty shootout.

West Ham camera rant – 2011

As a role model, Rooney has a certain sense of responsibility, yet that went out of the window in 2011 when he scored against West Ham. His hat-trick turned the game around for United, and with the media criticism he’s been getting at the time Rooney let fly with a tirade of abuse which was caught on camera…

England rant – 2010 – 2011

A 0-0 draw with Algeria at the World Cup. England fans were rightly angered and disappointed. But Rooney failed to see the justification for the boos coming down from the stands as he turned to the camera and let the watching world know his thoughts. He kept it clean, but his relationship with the supporters was damaged.

Villarreal Sarcastic applause – 2005

Rooney applause

Perhaps his ultimate act of petulance came in 2005 as he was dismissed against Villarreal for sarcastically applauding the referee. Rooney was annoyed with a yellow card brandished to him by Kim Milton Nielsen and promptly clapped in the official’s face, which was met with a second caution.

Montenegro kick – 2011

Stupid, reckless and costly to England. Rooney was forced to sit out the start of EURO 2012 after receiving a red card in a qualifier with Montenegro. The striker’s act was careless given the fact England were leading and created a major talking point heading into the major tournament.