What are the chances of Man United pulling off one of the signings of the century?

Amid some pretty sensational rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo – perhaps the world’s most coveted footballer – is increasingly growing frustrated at the Bernabeu, could a move back to former club Manchester United really be on the horizon for the Portuguese international?

The Real Madrid star has certainly been in some pretty childish form of late. Last time out against Levante, the ex-Red Devils man seemed partially upset that Gareth Bale had ended his goal-scoring drought and that he had subsequently not scored as a result – but perhaps more telling – was when Ronaldo looked despairingly on at the Bernabeu faithful as sections of the Madrid crowd began to boo their highly valued no. 7.

Perhaps it’s down to the fact that Lionel Messi has so far out-classed him in 2015, or because many are labelling him as a selfish team-mate who should increasingly be avoided – or maybe it’s just because all good things seemingly have to come to an end – but if Real Madrid fail to repeat their successes of last season, Ronaldo could well in-fact call time on his illustrious career at the Bernabeu.

If such a dramatic turn of events eventually does take place, do the recent reports of Sir Alex Ferguson meeting up with the former Manchester United man to discuss ‘talks’ suggest that a move back to Old Trafford could really be on the cards? Many seem to believe they do…

This story has taken on a certain weight for several significant reasons. The Red Devils simply lost a certain something when Ronaldo first departed for Madrid in the summer of 2009 – and despite all the hefty amount of cash that the historic Premier League club have since splashed out in recent seasons – it has been something that United have never truly recovered from.

Yes, life at Old Trafford obviously continued just as it usually would without their former hero on board, but as Cristiano Ronaldo brings with him his own global following much like a rock-star would with their respective fan base – the Red Devils seemingly became mortal again in the wake of his £80million departure. A player such as the one in question is pretty much irreplaceable after all.

If Ronaldo were to make a dramatic return to Old Trafford, it would also signal that United are in-fact worthy of their neo-Galacticos status that the club have somewhat been reaching out for in recent transfer windows. The Portuguese star would simply give everyone involved with the team a huge lift – from the players on the pitch and the fans in the crowd, to the U21’s in youth development and every single one of the club’s backroom staff. What better way to achieve such a reputation than to sign the biggest Galacticos currently plying his trade in the modern game?

That said, perhaps this particular story has developed its momentum all too quickly as a result of the excitement and hype that inevitably tags along for the ride. Ronaldo may be going through a somewhat dry patch currently at Real Madrid – but as he is a player who can seemingly make his circumstances change at the drop of a hat – such a scenario does seem somewhat temporary at the moment, regardless of what the Bernabeu fans happen to think of him.

Ronaldo has always been like this in reality – a childish, petulant sort of player who seemingly succeeds on the back of his exceptional ability alone, definitely not as the result of his character on the pitch. He is not a team player, he doesn’t always celebrate with the rest of his colleagues when the spotlight is on them for a change, and he is seemingly allowed to do what he wants most of the time just because of his impressive record.

Yet as this is Ronaldo we are talking about, such negative connotations will likely have little effect when it comes to Real Madrid ultimately wanting to keep hold of their star talent at the end of the season.

If circumstances continue in the way they have done however, and if Manchester United are seemingly bold enough to stump up the cash for their former star, then who knows – maybe Cristiano Ronaldo back at Old Trafford could one day in-fact become a reality – no matter how unlikely it seems at the moment.

Perhaps it would be sensible to watch this space if Real Madrid fail to win the Champions League again this season…