What next for Manchester United’s forgotten man?

In June last year, Louis Van Gaal spent £25m on a young player from PSV.

Memphis Depay was the up and coming star of Dutch football and had just had an outstanding season with the Dutch giants. Finishing with 22 goals that year, bigger clubs started to take notice, but it was Manchester United that won the race for the young Dutchman.

But a player tipped by many to be a sensation in England did not appear short of confidence.

Despite promising much, Depay delivered very little. In the first press conference since joining United, Depay said that he was a striker, but Van Gaal seemed to play him out of position, as he did with several of his team.

He played 29 games, 13 off the bench, and scored just twice. However, Depay showed flashes of talent in the early stages of the Champions League and will hope to thrive now Van Gaal and his style of play have both been consigned to the history books.

The United winger is considered one of the most vulnerable players as Jose Mourinho assesses his new squad.

Questions have been asked about his attitude throughout last season. He has come under more scrutiny while with the Netherlands squad following Louis van Gaal’s departure, with the Dutch media keen to find answers behind their former national coach’s demise.

Mourinho will look to shed three or four players from United’s squad and bring in a similar amount to particularly strengthen United’s spine this summer, but the one thing working in Depay’s favour as he looks to re-establish himself is that his star has fallen so much that there is a very limited market of clubs who would be interested in taking him this summer.

The player himself has hardly helped matters. After the run of international fixtures towards the end of last year, he refused to talk to the press which did little to quell the notion that he has a touch of the prima donna about him.

Another Ravel Morrison type figure? Possibly.

Unlike teammate Anthony Martial, Depay appears to have lost his work ethic, his enthusiasm and his off the field antics have cast a shadow over him instead of getting his head down and proving to all at the Old Trafford club that the £25m wasn’t a complete waste of money.

What Mourinho will make of the 22-year-old in pre-season is anyone’s guess, but he could be an expensive benchwarmer, as clubs around Europe are not exactly scrambling for his services.