Why Man United really should start looking for a new manager…

When Sir Alex Ferguson first announced his retirement from the managerial game at Old Trafford, certain question-marks were most definitely raised surrounding the future of Manchester United as a whole, and whether or not the team could actually continue their fine exploits out on the pitch under a brand new manager.

David Moyes’ ill-fated reign with the Red Devils subsequently proved that this famed transitional period wasn’t going to prove smooth sailing for the Old Trafford faithful, as the former Everton boss ultimately failed to last one whole season at the club.

Next up Louis van Gaal and after spending his way through several busy transfer windows in recent seasons, the Red Devils may well find themselves better placed in the Premier League table – but their previous ability to impress their fans on a weekly basis has largely been sacrificed in the process.

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So then, as the Old Trafford faithful remain far from content after witnessing their side crash out of the Champions League this week, is it time Manchester United sourced themselves a new manager sooner rather than later?

Let’s face it, despite carrying a prominent managerial reputation under his belt when he first arrived in the English top-flight – Louis van Gaal has ultimately been an utter disappointment in the Premier League. It’s all well and good expressing a somewhat captivating personality in countless pre-match press conferences or post-season awards ceremonies alike, but none of that really counts for much if your team are as boring as this current Manchester United outfit.

For a man who has previously been in charge of Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the Dutch national team, Red Devils fans had every right to expect a more forward thinking footballing philosophy from their team this season.

Even the most stubborn Old Trafford goer would have to admit their side’s obvious shortcomings this term – for Louis van Gaal’s outfit simply represent one of the lest entertaining United teams in recent memory.

With all things duly taken into account, the charismatic Dutch tactician could have potentially been sacked a long time ago for his failure to restore the glory days back to Old Trafford – if it hadn’t been for his previous reputation in the European managerial circuit. The Manchester United hierarchy weren’t willing to offer David Moyes enough time to implement his plans at their club, despite the fact that Louis van Gaal has spent almost £250million in recent windows – and his team still can’t buy a goal for love nor money!

Yes, the former Netherlands coach has in-fact re-established the Red Devils into a top-four club once again, with his current Manchester United team admittedly just three points off top-spot at this stage in the league proceedings – but has such a turnaround been worth it in light of the abundance of poor performances down at Old Trafford this season? Arguably not.

In reality, this United team look miles off becoming league champions at the end of term, the routine tactics employed by LVG have been dire to watch to say the very least – and although the Dutchman has certainly improved the Manchester United back-line considerably this term – the Old Trafford strike-force have been so inefficient in-front of goal throughout the 2015/16 campaign, it remains somewhat difficult to imagine where they go from here…

Louis van Gaal has ultimately portrayed more of a Sam Allardyce/Tony Pulis type character during his time spent in the Premier League, rather than the cultured managerial expert his initial reputation first led him out to be. He has turned his most exciting and attacking stars into rather robotic versions of themselves, which has certainly been a pain to watch from a pure footballing perspective.

The Beautiful Game is not all about results after all. When you spend close to £250million on new players and still resort to using Marouane Fellaini as a prioritized route of attack – something simply has to change. The team need more than just an influx of new players this January, they arguably need a whole new approach to implement in their match-day duties.

Manchester United should therefore look for a new manager as soon as possible this term, because once someone of the calibre of Pep Guardiola or Carlo Ancelotti eventually sound themselves out for the job, Louis van Gaal’s tiresome style will no longer be required down at Old Trafford.