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Why Man United should be worried about Louis van Gaal

Louis van Gaal has been getting charisma confused with craziness since he’s been working in England. The mixed messages he’s been sending his own brain have poured out in a series of bizarre interviews and claims. His greatest contradiction should see him renamed Louis Van Gall.

It’s been said that van Gaal is ‘A chip off the old block’, a reference to how he’s quite partial to using the hairdryer treatment, a favourite ploy of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. This has been a reoccurring theme since the summer, it was reported again by CaughtOffside regarding the recent PSV Champions League clash that ended 0-0, and was rumoured to have taken place during halftime of the 1-1 draw with Leicester City.

Clearly when van Gaal’s blowing hot air people aren’t believing it carries much substance. It’s true United did improve in the second half of the Leicester game but this wasn’t down to the team employing the manager’s preferred style. Herein lies the main problem: Louis van Gaal has constructed a boring, lifeless, anti-attack minded side.

Yet when the players follow his orders to the exact instruction, he loses his rag with them. He’s demanding answers from them while giving more problems than solutions.

This makes the comparisons to Ferguson all the more uncomfortable. It’s clear now Sir Alex’s sides were always greater than the sum of their parts. Van Gaal’s team is an expensively assembled borefest. Imagine what Ferguson could have done with the sort of money his two successors have wasted.

Sir Alex was the master of deflection and affirmative action. No word was wasted in a press conference and everything he said behind closed doors became gospel.

Van Gaal has become a parody of a manager capable of holding court then playing mind games. If the Dutch ever did a version of Alan Partridge combined with football management, then Louis would be ripe for the part – if he could tone down some of the out-of-leftfield behaviour.

If casual observers are left scratching their heads or laughing at him, imagine the pain the playing staff must endure on a daily basis. A ‘philosophy’ without direction followed by dressing downs that lack explanation on how to change a rigid system.

His madness has even gone as far to make outlandish claims regarding the Premier League itself. With all respect to Leicester City – they are having a fantastic season – and of course, if they keep winning they will form part of the title race. But only 14 games have been played and it’s unlikely they will last the pace.

If they do it will be major shock. However, not to van Gaal. When asked if he thought Claudio Ranieri could lead his side to the trophy, the Dutchman said it was possible then added, as reported by the Daily Mail: “Normally these kind of clubs can be a long time competing, but normally at the end it’s more difficult.

“But in England because of the quality of the teams, because every team has the money to buy players – and they have bought players – the difference in the Premier League between the clubs in level is not so high.”

So it’s as simple as that. Not only is the Premier League a place where anyone can beat anyone, but any team can actually take the title. They all have money and there’s little difference between the quality from top to bottom, a point that – to his credit – van Gaal has been tirelessly working away at to make it true.

The fact only five of the 47 teams to have played in the Premier League have ever won it must be a strange anomaly.

Which is the best way to describe the Manchester United manager. He’s odd and shrouds himself in ambiguity and inconsistency. The passage of time will make his stint at Old Trafford seem like it was some sort of glitch.

Until that time comes, the lunatic is running the asylum.

Article title: Why Man United should be worried about Louis van Gaal

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