Will these revelations play any part in the outcome at Manchester United?

Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney

I haven’t read Alex Ferguson’s new book. Obviously. I don’t know what has been written about Wayne Rooney and the whole transfer saga of a few years ago, though I can probably guess.

Instead, I’ll take my time. The football world’s anticipation for this book has been equal to that of the Harry Potter releases. Imagine if Twitter had been around to ruin those books for everyone in the manner than Twitter has thrown out some of the juiciest parts of this book. What was the point in Paul Hayward helping Ferguson to pen 500 pages if Twitter and the newspapers were just going to reveal the most interesting stories?

Anyway, that’s not the point. The question is whether Ferguson’s revelations will throw a spanner – yes, another one – into the current Manchester United machine, which is already puffing and weezing a quarter of the way through the season. I highly doubt it.

As I mentioned, I don’t know what’s in the book because I haven’t read it yet. Instead, kings, dragons and backstabbing family members are higher up on my agenda. But as I also mentioned, I can probably take an educated guess as to the content of the Rooney chapter. Moreover, both David Moyes and Rooney, obviously, will be well aware of the situation. It’s not really news to them in the way it is to the public.

Moyes has his problems at United – those are well known. We’ve discussed them countless times, from the disinterest in Shinji Kagawa, the failure to do anything right in the transfer market, and the point of Marouane Fellaini’s signing. United are currently in eighth position in the league, a quarter of the way through the season. You could say the league table has taken reasonable shape, so from that point of view, United’s position is a little worrying.

But I don’t think the contents of a book is going to make things that much more difficult for Moyes. In fact, at some stages of the season so far, Rooney has looked United’s best attacker, though that isn’t really saying much. We all sort of know that Rooney isn’t 100 per cent happy at United, just like we know Luis Suarez will probably upend a table and make for the exit door if Florentino Perez slides over a napkin with his number on it. We don’t need a book to change the landscape of the current season.

The interest and anticipation for Ferguson’s book is justified because it’s revealing and entertaining. Entertaining – that’s the most important part. We’re not looking to it because it may play a part in the relegation of United; just like other football books, we’ll read it because it lifts the curtain on a world we as the audience rarely, if ever see.

Whatever position United find themselves in at the end of the season it will be due to the performance of David Moyes as manager. Nothing else.

Will Ferguson’s book have an impact on United this season?

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