Would he really be a good fit at Manchester United?

Though José Mourinho’s Real Madrid team won the La Liga title last season, speculation has still been going on about the future of the manager.

Although he coached Real Madrid to the title with the largest tally of points in the competition’s history and has won one trophy at least in every one of his seasons in Spain, he still seems to be unpopular in the country. He did not win any of the Spanish League’s awards last month despite his achievements.

Sir Alex Ferguson hinted earlier this month that José Mourinho could have the ability to succeed him as Manchester United manager, saying to ITV4: “I won’t last forever, but José can manage anywhere, there is no question about that.” Additionally, José Mourinho said in October how he would return to England after his stint at Real Madrid comes to an end.

But could the somewhat divisive Real Madrid coach really fit in as the Manchester United manager?

Well, it could be said that José Mourinho has good credentials to take on the job. In 10 years managing, José Mourinho has won 20 trophies. These include two Premier League titles with Chelsea, the Champions League title with Inter Milan and three trophies with Real Madrid. These achievements seem to give the impression that he could be very successful with the club if he were to manage it in the future.

Another key element could also be Cristiano Ronaldo. It has been rumoured that he feels unhappy at Real Madrid and could be set to leave. He still seems to be fond of his experience with Manchester United. He said when he went to Manchester for Real Madrid’s Champions League fixture against Manchester City last month: “I have enjoyed coming back to Manchester. When we arrived at the airport I was so happy, I had a beautiful story here in Manchester. It was nice to see all the fans and a few Manchester United shirts too. It was a brilliant moment and I am always happy to be here.” Additionally he called the Premier League “the most competitive league in the world”.

The striker is a Manchester United legend, and could anyone really argue that Manchester United’s fans would not want back someone who scored 188 goals for them and helped their team to win the 2008 Champions League, amongst many other achievements for the club?

It also seems likely that if José Mourinho were to go to Manchester United, that it would be possible that Cristiano Ronaldo would join him. The two of them seem to have an appreciation of each other. Cristiano Ronaldo praised his manager last month saying: “Jose is the world’s best coach, he’s No 1. It’s so great to work with him because I’m a person who likes to win, compete — and who hates losing!” while José Mourinho spoke earlier this month of how “it would be outrageous” if the striker does not go on to win the Ballon d’Or. So, could it be said that employing José Mourinho could give Manchester United an opportunity to get Cristiano Ronaldo back at the club?

However, while his achievements and his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo could be evidence he would be a good pick for Manchester United, would the owners really want to work with him? Much speculation has existed over José Mourinho’s apparently bad relationship with the owners at Real Madrid, would they prefer someone who would not argue with them a lot?

Additionally, it could be said that not everyone is a fan of José Mourinho and his managing style. He has sparked controversy in the past, including gouging the eye of Tito Vilanova, who was then the Barcelona assistant coach, at the Spanish Super Cup in 2011.

Recently, Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton cast doubt over whether José Mourinho could be good for Manchester United. He said: “Mourinho is a really good coach but that’s as far as I would go really. He’s the manager of Real Madrid and we expect to play them in the Champions League by the end of the season. He pontificates too much for my liking. He’s a good manager, though.” He also talked of how he believed a manager of Manchester United would not do what José Mourinho did to Tito Vilanova. Additionally, would Manchester United fans welcome José Mourinho, who used to be the manager of a rival Premier League team?

It could be said that José Mourinho has a controversial image and could be a risky choice for Manchester United if they employed him. However, could it be said that his achievements and connection with Cristiano Ronaldo could make employing the current Real Madrid manager a good option?
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