Wright suggests Mourinho could put players off joining Manchester United

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has claimed that if he still playing professionally, he would not want to play under Jose Mourinho right now.

The Manchester United manager has come under fire for his recent outbursts in the media, and once again he has publicly criticised left-back Luke Shaw.

Over the last two seasons, the Portuguese coach has questioned the 22-year-old’s commitment and highlighted fitness problems.

Mourinho admitted that he was unhappy with Shaw’s performance after hauling him off at half-time of the team’s FA Cup quarter-final win over Brighton at the weekend.

Throughout the season, questions have also been raised over the manager’s relationship with Paul Pogba after the midfielder was dropped for a handful of games.

Due to the current predicament surrounding the club, Ian Wright has suggested that players would be more inclined to join soon-to-be Premier League champions Manchester City rather than United.

The retired striker told BBC Radio 5 Live:

“If you get a real top player, the real top-end, and you had Manchester City or Manchester United right now, I wouldn’t want to play for Mourinho right now. The thing is you’d go there thinking that you want to play for Manchester United, this is what it’s about.”