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More outlandish reports to rock the Liverpool applecart

Football FanCast guest columnist Niall Jacobs reflects on the latest batch of negative reports attributed to Liverpool.

They say you should never kick a man when they are down, yet the media have got their size tens on and are doing their damndest to put the boot into Liverpool in any way possible.

Since defeat to Sunderland last week, followed by the unfortunate loss to Lyon, the storm clouds have gathered over Anfield and in particular Rafa Benitez, with many predicting doom for the Spaniard should we not pick up a positive result against United today. It is a complete overreaction and why some supporters are jumping on their bandwagon, the media seem intent to gather more recruits with their scaremongering reports today.

I know I shouldn't be surprised and we have seen their lies many times before, but they have had to use their faithful friend, the supposed ‘Liverpool insider', in order to get their story.

A club insider said: "Fernando is a great lad and a fantastic player. We don't worry about his attitude but the issue will be if rival clubs start making it clear to his advisers that he can win more by joining them.

"He's hungry for success. We don't want to lose him."

Right that sounds extremely plausible, but I suppose they got their dramatic headline and story as a result.

Elsewhere the People and the News of the World have managed to take quotes from Javier Mascherano in which he states that he isn't concerned about new contracts and money he is paid; therefore they automatically have run with the story that Mascherano is seeking to leave Liverpool and cannot wait to move away. It is an absolute disgrace and the outlandish reports have simply been made up to rock the applecart. I have always felt the media in this country is the lowest of the low, but this week in particular they have taken it to a new level, in order to heap more pressure on Rafa Benitez. It is clear that they won't stop until they succeed, so it is vital that supporters don't give them the satisfaction by buying into their drivel.

Article title: More outlandish reports to rock the Liverpool applecart

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