New ad sees Lionel Messi dump a trophy on Gary Lineker’s head – but it’s not king of the footballing ads

Sometimes football ads are great. Sometimes they’re awful. It’s hard to get in between.

It’s hardly surprising that watching your favourite footballers team up with faceless commercial interests can look totally staged and make you feel a little violated, but sometimes it can actually work. And when it does it is glorious.

So when we saw Lionel Messi and Gary Lineker teaming up to promote Walkers Crisps we knew it was either going to be amazing or terrible. Probably amazingly terrible.

We already knew that Gary Lineker was the face of the brand here in the UK, but as a Champions League sponsor Lays, as they are known worldwide, have managed to add Lionel Messi to their advertising campaign and create 30 seconds of cringe.

Who knew that hearing Gary Linker crunching too loudly on his cheese and onion would have incited the world’s best player to do something so violent with a table football?

If, like us, you were so cringed out by the hammed-up acting and terrible storyline that you just had to lie down in a darkened room for a little while after watching, then you should watch these two classics from yesteryear.

Sorry Walkers, but it looks like Pepsi is the king of the football-related ad!