Newcastle legend makes punditry blunder in match build-up

Pundits aren’t renowned for making the brightest remarks, but Alan Shearer has outdone himself in the BBC build-up to Chelsea vs Manchester City.

Shearer said, when speaking about Eden Hazard, ‘he isn’t blessed with work-rate’. Of all the things to be blessed with, is work-rate a gift? Is work-rate something you are born with? No, it is not, Mr Shearer.

Well, if it is a gift, Jordan Henderson and James Milner were incredibly lucky. Application is a mental state that players can alter, in the same way you can change your thoughts.

Shearer also faced a fair bit of abuse for his tirade at Manuel Pellegrini’s heavy rotation..

Don’t make a trip to a Man City fan club any time soon, Alan.

Shearer’s drivel continues when he says of Kelechi Iheanacho, ‘he’s not scared to score goals’.

What does that mean? Are there people out there who have nightmares about the prospect of drowning in goal nets, or that they could be attacked by goalkeepers? Okay, that last one isn’t impossible with people like Jens Lehmann around.

Punditry has reached a new low point, here are a couple of other crackers.