Alan Pardew delighted with stadium name

Newcastle United manager Alan PardewNewcastle manager Alan Pardew has stated that he is glad that his side’s stadium name has reverted back to St James’ Park.

The Tyneside club have signed a £32million four-year shirt and stadium sponsorship with loan suppliers, who have announced that the original name will be preferred and the Sports Direct Arena will become defunct.

Despite the controversy expressed by locals in deal with a company with a poor reputation, Pardew is glad that the St James’ Park name has been reinstated.

“I’m a romantic. The name change hurt me and it hurt the team. It’s one of those business decisions which you can’t get your head round at times as a football person, so to have it back as St James’ Park is great,” the coach told The Daily Mail.

“The same sign should go back up — not a new one, the old one. I am absolutely overjoyed.”

A spokesman has admitted that the sponsor is eager to win over the club’s fans.

“We saw what matters to the fans. Football is an emotional sport and it is really important to them. That is why we did it,” he concluded.