Arguably The TEN ‘Forgotten Men’ of the Premier League

As fans we have a pretty good idea about our club and indeed the playing staff that represent us every week. As you know, these days clubs have to submit 25-man squad lists to the Premier League upon the eve of the season, detailing all the names that are trusted with delivering some sort of target come May time.

In reality, some in that list may be world beaters scoring the vital goals to boost your side up the table. Some might be young precocious talents, who are fleetingly used every once in a while in the eyes of their development. But then you get the few who define the word ‘utility’. Every squad must possess some depth but football onlookers are often baffled be the retention of certain pros who never really make it into first team contention on any sort of basis.

These are the Premier League’s ‘forgotten’ men and you may hear their names read out over a stadium announcement system once in a blue moon! Strangely inactive in pursuing a loan move also, the following players fill the full roster list but don’t achieve much else! Let us take a look starting with one Norwich City benchwarmer, if that!

Click on the image below to see the Top TEN Prem Forgotten Men

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