Can you name Newcastle’s top 50 Premier League appearances?

Newcastle United have seen some top class players represent them over the years.

Ever since the Premier League began, the Magpies have enjoyed some good times, and some particularly bad times, but they’ve always had big name players who’ve made a difference regardless of Newcastle’s success on the pitch.

From the years when they were challenging for the title to the recent times when they’ve been loitering around mid-table mediocrity, they’ve had players come and go, some of which have been more successful than others.

But can you name the top 50 players to have appeared for Newcastle United in the Premier League era?

From the obvious, to the not so obvious, there are some iconic Magpies in the list of fifty below. But how many can you name in twenty minutes? Think you can get them all?

Take the quiz below and then challenge your mates by sharing it with them.


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