HYS: An entire Newcastle XI made of just one player?

If you had the power to clone humans at will, what kind of shenanigans would you get up to? Would you clone yourself and spend the whole day in bed watching Jeremy Kyle while your duplicate fills in at work? Would you create an entire army of cloned Gurkhas to take over the world? Would you make a second Donald Trump and slowly beat him to death for your enjoyment?

Football FanCast has a far less sinister idea for our hypothetical cloning abilities; we’d make an entirely new Premier League, where every team consists of just one star player cloned ten times, 14 times including substitutes, to make a whole XI.

So, Newcastle fans, which player would you choose to represent the Magpies in our newfound clone league? Would you simply go for match-winning quality, duplicating the likes of Matt Ritchie or Christian Atsu, elect the sturdiness of Jamaal Lascelles or the firepower of Joselu?

Let us know by voting below…