Newcastle fans divided by Aldridge criticism

Newcastle fans have been reacting to criticism this morning from Liverpool legend John Aldridge.

Aldridge was not impressed by the travelling support in Newcastle’s trip to Anfield on Saturday, and has lashed out at the Toon Army for their chants about unemployment in Liverpool.

The 59 year-old, who scored 50 league goals for Liverpool in 83 appearances, labelled chants from the away end “boring” in his weekly column for the Liverpool Echo.

Newcastle’s away support is up there with the best in the country, but many Reds fans have taken issue with the chants on Saturday, especially after Liverpool fans donated to Newcastle food banks in the reverse fixture.

“I always listen out for the away fans at Anfield and what songs they sing,” Aldridge wrote.

“And I thought Newcastle supporters were really boring at the weekend. They just kept on with anti-Liverpool songs as a city, the likes of which Anfield has heard many, many, many times before. So boring.

“They were also wondering ‘Where’s your famous atmosphere?’

“Well, the atmosphere is famous because Liverpool are a famous club, with famous players and a famous atmosphere, like it or not. Instead of responding with inevitable chants of “going down”, Liverpool fans instead applauded when Newcastle began singing about their own club and what’s happening with their chairman.

“Reds fans understand that – events at Newcastle aren’t far removed from when we had those two cowboys in charge at Anfield.”

Liverpool fans did indeed cheer chants from the away end about Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, but needless to say were less impressed by the “sign on” songs.

This morning, Newcastle fans have been responding to the Irishman’s comments. While many are disappointed by the chants, and thus probably agree with Aldridge, plenty of others have dismissed the incident as just a bit of banter.

Some of the best Twitter reactions can be found below…