The Premier League’s ‘transfer bargain’ XI

The Premier League may not be the best league in the world but it is certainly the most expensive, both on and off the pitch. The Sky money has raised the bar in English football whereby the equal split of TV revenues ensures that each club within it tends to have a bit of a transfer kitty to splash out on signings and wages, and boy don’t they spend it.

There is something in the mindset of football at the minute that if there is a problem at their respective clubs that buying someone is the answer to all the problems and will change anything. The growing reality is that for the large part it doesn’t tend to make a scrap of difference and football clubs are left with unwanted players who become a drain on the club’s resources.

Some clubs are worse than others when it comes to bad dealings in the transfer market, as they fail to take advantage of the bargains that are to be had in football. I have compiled a Premier League XI for this season that simply highlights what you can produce on a budget. I think you’ll agree it makes for an extremely competitive side and one that is certainly able to hold its own in the Premier League.

Click on Tim Krul to unveil the starting XI

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