The Premier League’s unofficial top 20 ‘MVPs’

Here is a list of the key players from every club in the Premier League. Some are goalscorers, some creators and some will have to step up and be leaders but all of them will play a pivotal role in the success of their clubs over the course of the season.

As every one of these players would no doubt tell you in a post match interview, ‘it’s a team game and i’m just really pleased for the lads and glad we got the three points and you know obviously it’s nice to get praise but it’s a team game….’ They are right, but some players are more important than others and they all know this. So here is one player from each club who is more important than the others, who’ll be driving a fancier car and earning more money than all the others by the end of the year and demanding to move to a bigger club unless the owner buys some of the others players on this list.

Click on Tim Cahill to see the Premier League’s MVPs


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