The TEN Premier League transfers that were doomed from the start

If you dust off the history books or simply tune into The Premiership Years during those long summer evenings, you will see great goals, former heroes and the dodgy haircuts of yesteryear. However, what else you will find are the names of some of the personnel that make you cringe with embarrassment. Yes, those players whom were signed with great anticipation yet fell at the first hurdle to bring any sort of progression to your football club. Some transfers are doomed from the start; plain and simple.

Whether suffering from a big fee or simply knowing they aren’t good enough in their new surroundings, the following players might be reaching for the ‘Tip Ex’ to erase their stints at their respective clubs off their CV. Their ill-fated moves will be remembered not for prolific goal scoring, wonder strikes and man of the match performances but instead for all the wrong reasons. Arriving against the wishes of the gaffer, errors of massive proportions and even mistaken identity all have their place amongst the following ten transfers.

Let us take a look at the ten Premier League transfers that were indeed; doomed from the start.

Click on Tevez and Mascherano to unveil the top 10


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