The TEN ‘Surprise career moves’ footballers have since taken up

With the recent news that formerly prolific striker – well before his Chelsea days at least – Shevchenko has retired from the game to begin a career in politics, it both raises a few eyebrows and brings up the question of just how many other footballers have gone into what you would call surprising careers after their time in the game comes to an end.

With football being a short career for most, life after playing can be a boring one for former professionals, and whilst many go into management a la Zola, some go into punditry or presenting sport like a certain big eared man on the BBC, but what of those players who’s choice of post playing career is more than a little bit surprising to say the least? Some range from the outright bizarre to something that you would just not expect from a former footballer and the reputation that goes hand in hand with the job, yet let’s take a look at 10 who have defied expectations and managed to avoid punditry, womanising and gambling and have a second career you would never expect.

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